One Liners

One of those neighborhood libraries in someone’s front yard, but for vinyl records.
Scratch that — that was someone else’s wedding ring. Mine is still very much lost and will likely stay that way, so I’m considering a tattoo replacement.
I lost my wedding ring on Sunday and it turned up three days later, five miles from my house, and full circle back on my finger.
CSS Meditation #8: .work + .life { border: 10px solid #000; }
“AI has fundamentally changed user expectations.” Really? As in we all expect AI to scrape content that isn’t theirs, hallucinate over the results, and spit out a degraded version of it? Sure, OK.
Hot take: Stop development on EVERYTHING until the “1 second remaining” hint on downloads and installs actually means that 1 second is remaining.
How do I know it’s 2024? One of my clients is a YouTuber.
Where I can enter my vote to go back to saying “the net” instead of “the web”?
Happy MLB Opening Day! It’s the best day of the year. ⚾️
Remember when the iPod got its first color screen? Those were cute times.