???? Ahoy! I hope you’ve been enjoying your time around here.

This is my personal website. I blog when I want, I design it how I want, and I develop it how I want. I don’t mean that to sound rude but more like a way of setting expectations. I know there’s a tendency to peruse a web developer’s website and do a little armchair diagnosis of what’s right and wrong with it.

If you crack open DevTools, you’ll notice it’s pretty bare-boned and that’s by design. Earlier iterations were pretty heavy-handed and arguably over-designed. I wanted to strip things back and start from a better place that focuses on a minimalist design, a nice reading experience, and fundamentally decent markup that will serve as a jumping board for even more iterations down the road.

If you’re curious, here’s what makes this site what it is:

  • WordPress is used for content management.
  • Flywheel provides the hosting.
  • VS Code is my code editor.
  • Hover is where I registered the domain.
  • Local serves my local site for development.
  • Harvest helps me track the time I spend on client and personal projects, like this site.
  • GitHub hosts the repository… and yes, this WordPress theme is open-source.
  • Tower 3 makes it easy for me to manage my branches and commits in GitHub.
  • I typically design in Sketch first, but try to get into the browser as quickly as possible, whether that’s actual development or testing ideas on CodePen.
  • Sass is used for styling, but most of the styles are written in vanilla CSS.
  • Gulp manages the development tasks and uses plugins for watching files, compiling Sass and JavaScript, linting code, concatenating files, optimizing images and copying files to certain directories.
  • I tend to test cross-browser compatibility on real devices, but turn to Browserstack for devices and browsers that are hard to get. At the same time, this is my personal site and I use it more as a coding playground than something that needs to be optimized for every situation… so there may be broken stuff!
  • Sequel Pro helps me with database management.

I think that’s it! Again, thanks for dropping by and feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or want to get in touch.