One Liners

Oh hey, my old job! ????
CSS Meditation #7: Nobody is perf-ect.
Me to counselor: “You handle toxic existential crash site cleanups, right?”
CSS Meditation #6: The color space is always calc(rgb(0 255 0)+er) on the other side of the fence.
CSS Meditation #5: :where(:is(.my-mind))
So, I’m thinking we take this one thread about global documentation and this other thread about global web components and stitch up a mega monorepo of front-end resources.
I swear that Clapper-light-thingy from 1996 is still the heavyweight champ of all smart home thingamajigs to ever thingamajig.
Trying new budgeting apps for the first time since 2009, and… they’re all pretty much the same now as they were then, thankfully.
CSS Meditation #4: Select, style, adjust. Select, style, adjust. Select, sty…
I just spent a half hour on HackerNews and — oh hey, look at that, the sky’s on fire!