Version 4.0

In the spirit of sharing, I’ve open sourced my website. I would have never been able to create this site without the help of at least a dozen other web designers who were kind enough to share their work, ideas and solutions, so I’m happy to give a little something back in return.


Webpage Performance

I’ve been seriously obsessive about website performance lately. It’s one thing to make your site look nice but how it reacts to user interactions is …


WordPress Art Director

How often do we come across websites that reek of templates? Visit just about any blog and see how the same template is used for different posts. Every post is nearly identical, despite the words and ideas being communicated. And, if we design is as much a form of communication as the content, then we’re missing a huge opportunity to tell our ideas and stories better.


Sass-ifying WordPress

One of biggest benefits SASS is the ability to split your styles up into multiple files and compile them into a single stylesheet. But how does that work for WordPress?


Columnize WordPress Tags

WordPress makes it extremely easy to display a list of all the tags used on your blog, but it outputs it in a very boring list. Here’s how we can change that by using the CSS columns attribute.


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