On April 27, 2021, I learned...

How to download an image from Google Docs

This is something I have to do from time to time. Someone will write up a content draft in Google Docs and sprinkle in images. I often need to move the content from Google Docs to WordPress and that’s an easy copy-and-paste. But if you look at the pasted images in WordPress, you’ll notice that the WordPress block editor simply hot-links the images rather than importing them into the media library.

I prefer to host my own images. Who knows what’s going to happen with that Google Doc down the road, right? The problem is that there’s no direct way to download an image from a Google Doc, at least that I’ve found.

Let me download the image, dangit!

The trick? It’s simple, really. Since the image is hot-linked in the WordPress editor, I switch to the code editor and grab the image URL from the markup for that block. Paste the URL into the browser, download the image, then insert it into WordPress and—voilà—we have a hosted copy of the image.


  1. zakius
    # April 28, 2021

    to be fair I see no way to download these images in this post
    unless I am supposed to host wordpress site just for this purpose

    • # April 29, 2021

      Yeah, that’s the exact use case! I use WordPress and sometimes need to port an image from a Google Doc into the block editor, but Google doesn’t provide a way for me to download the file directly. But once the image is copy and pasted into the WordPress block editor, that provides the file URL I need to properly download the file and store it on my own server.


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