Fixing LocalWP’s “Your Lightning services are missing” error

This is the error message I was greeted with today when launching the LocalWP app:

What the heck are “Lighting” services.

It’s a simple fix, really. The problem (at least to me) is the messaging. Because I have no idea what the heck “Lightning” services are, I found myself looking through preferences, extensions, and more of the app’s nooks and crannies.

If you’re like me, I totally missed the green “Apply” link next to the PHP version of my local WordPress site.

That’s the one!

Change the PHP version of your site, apply it, then you should be good to go.

Much, much better. 👌
Handwritten by Geoff Graham on March 2, 2022


  1. Reggie Lloyd-Jones
    # June 30, 2022

    Thanks for sharing. This is a pretty atrocious UX issue.


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