Three quick bits of feedback for Apple TV baseball broadcasts

Not that anyone is asking for it.

  1. Stop split screens. Those of us watching the broadcast on your app on your iPhone decide can’t see the game and don’t care about a player interview. I’d recommend displaying the player interview as a small overlay before hijacking all that space.
  2. Remember to cut back to the game when cutting to color commentary. We missed strike three to end the fourth inning of a recent game and never saw how it happened. The broadcasters were busy commenting on what the fans sitting in the stands were wearing and went straight to a commercial break before summarizing what happened on the field. Color commentary is a great thing in general (it helps you feel like you’re at the park). If you have to cut to commercial, at least be sure to acknowledge what was missed at the start of the next inning and replay it.
  3. Commentary-less coverage sure is great. I wouldn’t want to get rid of play calls throughout the entire game, but the inning or two where broadcasters were muted made me enjoy the game way more than I expected because the sounds of the game take center stage. I love hearing a four-seam fastball snap into the catcher’s glove. I love the casual chatter between a first baseman and the opposing player he’s protecting. There’s nothing more satisfying than hearing your team’s pitcher shout when getting a called third strike that paints the corner. So nice.
✏️ Handwritten by Geoff Graham on May 29, 2024


  1. # May 29, 2024

    Also…let me watch the Dodgers from Long Beach!

    I know that’s not Apple TV’s fault…but I need somewhere to complain

    • # May 29, 2024

      Spectrum gate-keeping locally televised MLB broadcasts is certainly worthy of a post all its own!

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