“Hey, will you build me a website?”


  • What does the site do? What should users be able to accomplish?
  • What are some similar sites that you like? How about ones you don’t like?
  • Is this a completely new site, or are giving the existing one a makeover?
  • Are we talking a webpage or a web of pages?
  • Do you need hosting? How about a domain name?
  • Will you want to add, edit, and delete pages yourself?
  • Think you’ll want to do some blogging on there? If so, is there a CMS you already like?
  • Do you have a certain design in mind, or can it be some out-of-the-box template?
  • Should visitors be able to contact you through a form? Where do you plan on storing form submissions? Many more questions here!
  • Are you planning to sell things? It’s cool if you are, but I’ll have another set of questions for you.
  • Do you have content and images, or will you need help with those?
  • Speaking of content, does it need to support multiple languages?
  • Who will be responsible for looking after the site after it’s done? Will someone need to be trained, or are you looking for a contractor to maintain things?
  • How do you want people to find your site?
  • Are you familiar with accessibility? It’s something you’ll hear me reference often to guide decisions.
  • If you want your site to be “better, faster, and cheaper” but can only pick two of them, which two would you choose?
  • What’s the timeline for getting it done? Is there anything driving it to be done by a certain date?
  • Oh, and what’s your budget?

Radio silence. ????

✏️ Handwritten by Geoff Graham on February 15, 2024


  1. # February 15, 2024

    this one goes straight to obsidian

  2. # February 21, 2024

    These are definitely all valid questions. In my experience, clients often don’t know to even think about all of these things and it can be helpful to present them a standard approach that works for most other clients.

    By answering these questions for them, you give them an idea of what’s “normal” for a project like theirs when working with you and they can make comments like “actually I don’t need to be able to edit the content myself” or “It takes 3 months? We have a product launch coming up, is it possible to complete the website in 2 months instead?”

  3. # February 24, 2024

    This week we catalog the risks we’re addressing, run Postgres in the browser, modernize our app using generative AI, learn about focus and ADHD, stop trusting product reviews from Google search, and keep the operating room free of cats.

  4. # March 6, 2024

    @geoff Masterpiece!


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