Goodbye, CSS-Tricks!

I woke up yesterday to the news that DigitalOcean has cut a bunch of jobs from the payroll. It sounds like a pretty big wave, and yes, my job was lopped off with it.

This is my first rodeo with sweeping layoffs… or even losing a job. I always expected I’d feel devastated if something like this were to ever happen, but I’ve gotta admit it’s all good. Anyone who knows me well knows that I never have one job, but many eggs in a number of baskets. That might be influencing my feelings a wee smidge. I realize not everyone is in the same boat.

What’s actually weighing heaviest in my mind is CSS-Tricks. It’s the only reason I was at DigitalOcean in the first place. I’m sad that I’ll no longer be editing or writing for the site, and I’m still processing that I didn’t realize yesterday would be my last day with it. I no longer hold the keys to the castle and my digital fingerprints are being dusted off the door handles as I type.

Alas, things change. Goodbye, website. Goodbye, all you dang talented writers who let me mangle your words. Goodbye, all you typos from umpteen years ago that I can’t unsee and wake me up at 3 a.m. in a cold sweat.

I’m not crying. You’re crying.

But seriously, the pleasure of working with CSS-Tricks has been all mine. I still can’t believe I was ever paid to read drafts and diddle around with code… for eight years!

And, hey, if you’re still with me and reading this, there’s a small ocean of talented technical writers, editors, content strategists, and developers who are now looking for work. You can’t do much better than to pluck someone from that bunch if you’re in a hiring position.

(What am I up to? Of course, thanks for asking! I don’t know. I’m already working on my Master’s Degree in Education. I’m doing that to support the teaching I do — front-end development and WordPress development — at Long Beach City College and Front Range Community College. I still freelance a bit, so I guess I could bump that up a bit more if, perhaps, you want to reach out and work together. Let’s make something!)

Oh, and speaking of hiring, it appears DigitalOcean is still in full hiring mode if you’re in the market for work. Well, according to the signature in this auto-reply.

Out of office email reply that the employee is not longer at the company. The signature contains a link labeled We're Hiring!

Long live CSS-Tricks! 🤞

Handwritten by Geoff Graham on February 16, 2023


  1. # February 16, 2023

    You’re a part of Internet history! Sad to see this story end, but I wish you all the best 🫡

  2. # February 16, 2023

    @geoff Thanks so much for your outstanding work, Geoff! It was a pleasure to work with you. Good luck with future projects and challenges!

  3. # February 16, 2023

    @geoff Darn 😕

  4. # February 16, 2023

    all the best for the next adventure <3

  5. # February 16, 2023

    @geoff What?? I was planning a lot of articles to work on them together 😟

  6. # February 16, 2023

    @geoff This is unfathomable. I’m sure you’ll find something amazing to do next, though.

  7. # February 16, 2023

    Best of luck wherever you go from here, dude! Thanks for the help & encouragement that I got from you with regards to my CSS 3D obsession. It was per your suggestion that did in fact start blogging, & having tons of fun with it!

  8. # February 16, 2023

    @geoff Quite sorry to hear this, but thankful to have been able to publish a couple articles with your help!The “We’re Hiring” amidst layoffs seems in quite poor taste but I can only hope your future in education will be all the more fulfilling!

  9. # February 16, 2023

    @css I know, right buddy? Our little home might be gone (for now) but it made me a lot of the best friendships ever, you included. :)

  10. # February 16, 2023

    @matuzo Right back at ya! You amaze the heck out of me on a daily basis, and I’m grateful that CSS-Tricks brought us together.

  11. # February 16, 2023

    Best of luck! I appreciate you so much for the editing you did on the articles I contributed.

  12. # February 16, 2023

    @geoff thank you Geoff for the amazing work you did on css-tricks all these years. I had a pleasure working with you on the couple of articles I wrote there.Good luck for your future projects. I’m sure you’ll do great.

  13. # February 16, 2023

    @patrickbrosset Oh man, thanks for all YOUR work over the years. You know how excited I’d get any time I saw a draft with your name on it. :)

  14. # February 16, 2023

    Take care and all the best!

  15. # February 16, 2023

    All the best, Geoff 🙏🏽

  16. # February 16, 2023

    Oh no, I was about to send off my article 😢

  17. # February 16, 2023

    @geoff I hope you will find a better place but I also hope they made a big mistake and will contact you shortly to have you back!In all the cases, good luck and I am sure we will re-work together in the future. 👍

  18. # February 16, 2023

    @geoff Your writing was a highlight of the site, Geoff! Your voice there will be sorely missed, but I’m excited to see/hear/read what’s next.

  19. # February 16, 2023

    Sorry to hear about this, Geoff.

    I wish you all the best in your future!

  20. # February 16, 2023

    @geoff sorry to hear this. It was always a pleasure working with you. Your feedback was always on point and your energy unmatched. Best luck in your next endeavor, and hopefully we get to work together again (and more than last time).

  21. # February 16, 2023

    @geoff So glad I had th chance to collaborate with you there – I’m a big fan, and hope we get to do it again someday. 💜

  22. # February 16, 2023

    @geoff Oh goodness. When I saw yesterday that docs teams were big cuts in the Digital Ocean layoffs, I thought that was a shame because they had such good server-config guides. I completely forgot that they now owned CSS-Tricks & it might be included. 😿Best wishes for new adventures.

  23. # February 16, 2023

    @geoff I’m so sorry, Geoff. Thank you for all you brought to it 💚

  24. # February 16, 2023

    @geoff end of an era! Thanks for all the hard work and support you gave us writers on that ol’ blog 💜

  25. # February 16, 2023

    All the best! 🫡

  26. # February 16, 2023

    Best of luck my friend ❤️

  27. Estelle
    # February 16, 2023

    Oh, no. Glad to hear you’re landing on your feet, but so sad to hear CSS-Tricks will be losing a parent who has been raising it so lovingly.

  28. # February 16, 2023

    It was a pleasure to collaborate with you.
    It’s so refreshing to read such a positive words from you in this situation.
    Good luck!

  29. # February 16, 2023

    Good luck!

  30. # February 16, 2023

    I’m so sorry to hear this.

    You have been such a pillar of that platform for so long and we all really appreciate that work! Thank you for all you’ve done for CSS-Tricks

  31. # February 16, 2023

    Oh, no, what a huge loss for css-tricks 😞 Wish you all the best, Geoff

  32. Mamboleoo
    # February 16, 2023

    So sad to hear about this! Leaving a job is never fun, but having something deciding that for yourself even less. Thank you for the work you have put on CSS-Tricks, for giving me the confidence that my content was worth being published on a website I have read with my junior developer eyes for year. All the best for your future!

  33. # February 16, 2023

    So sad to hear this, you are an amazing editor an was such a pleasure to work with you. Wish you the best in what’s coming next!

  34. # February 16, 2023

    @geoff I’m really sorry, man. This sucks. You’ll always be a tour de force of blogging.

  35. # February 16, 2023

    @geoff I’m really sorry, Geoff. 😢 But you were an indispensable part of something really special. A site that inspired us all on a daily basis and that has changed careers and lives. Your work made a real difference. Good luck with whatever comes next! 🤗

  36. # February 16, 2023


    It was a pleasure working with you on the two article I submitted and good luck in your next adventure!

  37. # February 16, 2023

    Good luck to you and it was a pleasure working with you on the articles I submitted.

  38. # February 16, 2023

    Step 1: acquire website
    Step 2: fire main person responsible for making said website great

    Yes that seems like great business sense to me!

  39. # February 16, 2023

    Am really sorry to hear that

  40. # February 16, 2023

    Aw sheesh. Sorry to hear about this. I enjoyed our time writing together

  41. # February 16, 2023

    Honestly, the best part of writing an article for @css was collaborating with you and @chriscoyier 💚

    Wish you the best buddy. And hey, I’ll be emailing you from time to time if you don’t mind😊

  42. # February 16, 2023

    This is actually sad to see. 🥺
    The best part of writing there was getting to collaborate with you through these past few months I joined. I hope you find a better place, Geoff.
    Thank you for all the editing you’ve done on my work and all the things I’ve learned from you.🥺

  43. Sunkanmi Fafowoa
    # February 16, 2023

    It’s been an honor Geoff.
    Thank you for all your help on all my articles. I wish you the very best moving forward.

    Hope we get another opportunity to work together again some day my friend.

  44. Su
    # February 16, 2023

    Thank you Geoff, and good luck!!

  45. # February 17, 2023

    @geoff so sorry to hear about this. I did one article with you and it was so fun. Hope you get something else lined up that is as enjoyable for you, on top of your other bits!

  46. # February 17, 2023

    Oh man. :/ All the best Geoff, thanks for all your hard work! I always loved reading CSS Tricks and your recent notes! 💙

  47. # February 17, 2023

    I hate this. Sorry, I will miss working together. Hoping all the best for you 🙏

  48. # February 17, 2023

    @css is destination zero to many who want to get through a front-end challenge quickly. Thanks for all the work on it.

    On separate note, @digitalocean, are you in your mind today? What sense does it make to layoff a person who made the thing that is bringing you free ads daily!

  49. # February 17, 2023

    @lofi I remember the article well! I still love that frosted glass technique. :) Thanks for rooting me and CSS-Tricks along all this time.

  50. # February 17, 2023

    @matthiasott Gah, coming from you, that means the world, my friend! I’ll continue being one of your biggest fans. :)

  51. # February 17, 2023

    @fonts Only because I learned from you! Seriously, the work we did together for all the years we got to do it is something I’m carrying with me wherever I go. I always read your posts when I start missing the golden days. 🧡

  52. # February 17, 2023

    @andy Oh gosh, right back at you! You inspire and amaze me on a daily basis. True story. 🧡

  53. # February 17, 2023

    @AmeliaBR It’s sorta like whiplash! You’re going full-steam one day and then come to a screeching halt the next morning. But, hey, I owe you a great deal of appreciation for all your contributions, insights, feedback, and just plain great collaboration over the years. I’ve always been a huge fan and will continue to be!

  54. # February 17, 2023

    @mia I seriously hope we get to do that! I promise I’ll make it out to Denver to hang.

  55. # February 17, 2023

    @alvaromontoro I’d take that opportunity in a heartbeat, man. Thanks so much for being a big support all these years — getting to work alongside folks like you is what made the whole experience worth it :)

  56. # February 17, 2023

    @tylersticka No no no, YOUR writing is a highlight of the WEB! You don’t know how much your support means. I’m a huge fan, have been for years, and will always look forward to seeing your name on a byline. 🧡

  57. # February 17, 2023

    @css Temani, my man! I know we’ll work together again. It feels weird knowing I won’t have one of your drafts on my desk this month. But, seriously, the rhythm we developed over the years is truly something special and you have never failed to amaze and inspire me with your unquenchable thirst for pushing CSS to its limits. 🧡

  58. # February 17, 2023

    @geoff 😭💜

  59. Paulina Hetman
    # February 17, 2023

    All the Best Geoff! I cherish the memories of working with you! Thank you for all your great work!

  60. # February 17, 2023

    @geoff 🤗💚

  61. # February 17, 2023

    End of an era!!! Thank you for the job well done on CSS Tricks. I wish you best of luck with whatever you do next.

  62. # February 17, 2023

    End of an era!!! Thank you for the job well done on CSS Tricks. I wish you best of luck with whatever you do next. 💜

  63. # February 18, 2023

    This seems like a boneheaded thing for DO to do. This will likely killed CSS-Tricks :(

  64. Wayne Stratton
    # February 18, 2023

    Crazy, went down a Twitter rabbithole about the Digital Ocean news and found myself at an old Modern Tribe teammates blog! Cheers to the next phase my friend 😎

  65. Jennifer Toops
    # February 19, 2023

    As a newer dev, I have depended upon CSS Tricks articles for several years. This is very sad news. I am heartened by all of the comments and wish you the best of luck in your upcoming journey!

  66. Ollie Williams
    # February 19, 2023

    This sorry to hear this Geoff, but sounds like you’ve got a lot to keep you busy. Maybe you should start your own CSS website :)
    It was always great working with you, good luck with everything.

  67. # February 19, 2023

    Sorry to hear this. You’re a great editor and collaborator, and CSS-Tricks won’t be the same now.

  68. # February 19, 2023

    Behind the curtain @CSS
    I loved this line♡
    Thank you for all you have done for CSS-Tricks!!

  69. # February 19, 2023

    Thank you for all your work on CSS-Tricks, and all the best wishes as well—looking forward to learning what’s next 🙏

  70. # February 19, 2023

    It was always a pleasure to work with you as an editor, Geoff! Godspeed on your future adventures, and thanks for all your great work for aspiring and seasoned web developers.

  71. Joao Macedo
    # February 20, 2023

    Start a new website and let me know about it

  72. Isabella Tropeano
    # February 20, 2023

    So sad about this news!
    css-tricks loses a great designer/developer and one of my favourite “teachers” and yes … it definetely won’t be the same anymore!
    Thank you for years of great work and thank you for having shared your knowledge.

    Wish you all the best of luck

  73. Kev Bonett
    # February 20, 2023

    Absolutely gutted for you Geoff. CSS Tricks has been my “go to” resource for more years than I care to remember, and I’d like to thank you (and Chris) for making me the front-end dev that I am today. Also, it was a pleasure working with you on my article. Good luck with all your future endeavours!

  74. Burke Holland
    # February 20, 2023

    Geoff – it was an honor to work with you on some of those articles. You made my writing better. I’m grateful for how gracious you were and how you always encouraged me. Bless you.

  75. Wozniak
    # February 20, 2023

    This is that random trash comment you are looking for


  76. # February 20, 2023

    Sorry to hear this, Geoff :( It was a privilege to collaborate w/ you a few times on CSS Tricks posts. Very sad to hear that won’t be happening again.

  77. # February 20, 2023

    @geoff I learned how to design with CSS Tricks. There’s a whole lotta garbage on the Internet… I remember how relieved and reassured I first felt when I realized that the site was legit and a reliable resource. It has always been required reading and an endless source of “oh, that’s neat.”

  78. # February 20, 2023

    Sorry to hear about the layout Geoff. I have been laid off before from a company where I invested much of my energy writing technical blog posts for their blog. In my case, the company sold and the blog was eventually shut down. It’s brutal to watch your work disappear like that. Hopefully, DO keeps CSS-Tricks going forward. Best of luck!

  79. # February 20, 2023

    It was nice working with you Geoff. I must say, you are a wonderful editor and writer! Wish you the best. 🚀

    # February 20, 2023

    Love your work! it was the inspiring work helped me in lot of projects and modules. Best wishes.

  81. Ganesh
    # February 20, 2023

    Hearing about the loss of your most favorite jobs with the layoff is heartbreaking. It was a pleasure to meet and work with you (and Chris) through @CSS. Have a great start to your next endeavor!

  82. # February 20, 2023

    Great time working with you. Thank you for all your contributions

  83. # February 20, 2023

    Hey, Geoff, I’m just another anonymous reader who appreciated the work and effort you put into CSS-Tricks all these years. Thank you. All the best wherever you go!

  84. # February 20, 2023

    @geoff Thanks so much for your hard work! Your advice helped me kick off my tech writing career. It was always great to collab with you. Good luck with your future endeavors!

  85. # February 21, 2023

    Thanks for everything and best of luck going forward!

  86. # February 21, 2023

    Well shit I’m just now catching wind of this. Thank you for everything you’ve done at CSS Tricks. You’ve done so much for the web and for me personally. Thank you so much!

  87. Mark
    # February 24, 2023

    Thank you so much for CSS-Tricks!

  88. Rob OLeary
    # February 28, 2023

    Thanks Geoff for the positive contributions you have made to web development. You will be missed! 🌟

    I hope that you find a happy path going forward!

  89. Corey Bruyere
    # February 28, 2023

    Sorry to hear man! I’ve been on a CSS-Tricks kick lately and have really been enjoying your articles. Hope all is well beyond the bummer layoff news.



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