There’s an app for managing Docker containers

May 7, 2020 , I learned...

It’s called DockStation. My buddy Matt Batchelder introduced me to it when he was setting me up with a complex (to me) Docker-driven local environment.

I’m a GUI sorta guy. I use one for managing repos (Tower), one for databases (Sequel Pro), and I used to use one for all my front-end build tasks (CodeKit). It’s not that I’m scared of the command line. It’s more that I’m a visual person and having a UI to do something is much easier (and more pleasant) for me than the command line.

It’s a pretty lovely design to boot!

DockStation shows me a list of available containers, which ones are running, and a set of controls to start and stop them. That’s soooooo much easier than running some bash script to do the same thing (again, for me).