My Blog, My Home

I really felt like posting something. I’m stuck waiting in an uncomfortable situation and needed some place to write to get out of my own head.

For some of you, that’s Twitter. And that’s great. But I reckon that place is as uncomfortable these days as the one I’m in.

Maybe Mastodon toots are your jam. That’s cool. But a bunch of decentralized mini-Twitter instances sounds as cold and lonely as where I’m at.

I sometimes journal in DayOne and have since 2010. But I’ve fallen out of practice and feel a bit of not-journaling shame when I see the date of my last entry.

That’s why I love my website. It’s apolitical. It can’t be bought by a billionaire (maybe). It doesn’t care when I last logged in. It doesn’t push me to gain an audience and could care less if I have a one or not. And the feed is spot-free of algorithms and sponsored content.

But it’s always ready for me to say something if I need to. It’s all signal and no noise, and gives me the peace of mind to write without abandon.

My blog was here for me before Twitter and is still here with me after. I’ve changed home addresses six times since since I first purchased this domain. It outlived MySpace and could outlive Facebook with the way things are going.

A domain. A CMS. An RSS feed. There’s never been a better cocktail for “social media” and probably never will.

My blog. Home sweet home.

✏️ Handwritten by Geoff Graham on December 12, 2022

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