Mini Vacations

If you’ve ever worked with me, you know I am the absolute worst when it comes to taking breaks. I tend to start early and power through the rest of the day. I’d say more times than not I look up from my computer and realize the entire day passed me by.

And it’s been that way for as long as I can remember. I ain’t proud of that. There’s no part of me that wants to be remembered as the person who was a slave to their job, especially when my job isn’t exactly saving lives or anything.

So, I’m trying my hand at taking breaks. I’m thinking of them as “mini-vacations”. I can go anywhere and do anything, even if that thing is driving somewhere else to work. If I think of breaks as vacations, I’m giving myself permission to let go of what I’m doing at work, which frees me to focus solely on the present moment free of worries and ruminations.

There’s a theory behind this. My thinking is that taking regular mini-vacations will help me enjoy actual vacations a lot more. I’m often recovering from exhaustion when I take time off. This way, maybe I’ll need less recovery and be excited to get back to work.

✏️ Handwritten by Geoff Graham on August 24, 2022

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