Making the list

I’m really enjoying Twitter’s new list feature. The feature has slowly been rolling out to everyone since last week and I was (I guess) lucky enough to be in the early batch for some reason or another.

Creating lists is just a new way to organize the people you follow. Group like-minded tweeps together and you have a simple way to catch up on tweets on your favorite subjects or from your favorite people.

And don’t worry. If you’re embarrassed to admit you created a list of all your swinger friends, you can simply make it private and no one (technically) has to know.

Launching the list feature is a small, but significant step for Twitter. Whereas the social site used to be a mini-sized soapbox for people hoping to amplify their opinions across the masses, this moves Twitter toward a true social networking tool, plugging users into neat and tidy groups and creating little niches like a high school courtyard. The difference, however, is the ability to share these groups by making them private and searchable thus providing a greater ability for people to find new connections around the interests they care about.

Combined with ther recent announcement that they’ve secured new major search deals with Google and Bing, Twitter is in a position to score big and prove those who doubted their profitability to be dead wrong. Should be an interesting story to follow over the next six months or so.

Just find someone with a list that’s discussing it. Bound to be somewhere.

✏️ Handwritten by Geoff Graham on November 3, 2009

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