A Better End-Client Experience

We talk a lot about user experience and how important it is to an awesome website. This post makes an argument for why we ought to consider content managers as part of the discussion.


The Big Problem with Small Requests

Small client requests can manifest themselves into more tiny little requests that then multiply into others. Before you know it, that 30-minute task turns into a three-hour project. It’s something I struggle with.


An Apologetic View on Freelancing

What does it mean to be a freelancer and is it worth being one? I’ve learned several lessons in the past year as a freelancer and cover them in detail as a way to ask more questions than provide answers.


CSS Frameworks A Love Affair

While other posts debate which framework is better or why no one should ever use one ever, here are ways I hope they help designers use them both more often and less often.


How I Set My Freelance Rate

Pricing is somewhat of a hot drama topic in web design because there is no standard method to use. I’m not trying to solve that in this post, but rather provide some transparency in the way I approached it.


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