Custom Posts

Many people think of blogging when they hear WordPress. However, it can do so much more and custom posts are a big reason why. In addition to blogging, I created other custom post types, giving Foursquare churches a ton of flexibility in how they manage content on their websites.

  • Sermons. The theme allows churches to create posts based on their sermons and categorize them by speaker, topic, series and even Bible verses. Additionally, they can upload videos, audio, notes and any other type of media that supports the sermon, meaning any Foursquare church is now able to give a virtual church service.
  • Staff. Churches often have a lot of supporting staff, from pastors to volunteers. I created a custom post type that allows them to create a unique post for each staff member and display them all on a single page for easy viewing.


Shortcodes are a nice way to add elements to a webpage without having to write code, like HTML. I didn’t want technical knowledge to get in the way of Foursquare churches having a good website, so I made sure to create plenty of custom shortcodes that made building a dynamic webpage easy.

For example, one shortcode allows a church to drop a PayPal button into any page, giving them the ability to accept donations and payments. Anyone who has worked with PayPal before knows this is usually a painful and manual process. But now, it’s as simple as copying and pasting a short snippet on the page.

Responsive Design

To top things off, the Foursquare WordPress theme is completely responsive. In other words, it looks good on any screen, whether it’s a phone or a desktop. And remember those sermon custom post types mentioned earlier? They look great on mobile too. The theme gives Foursquare churches a very simple way to build a website that looks and acts great in any situation.