Putting the Content Together

Daily Acts features essays form 20 different authors. I worked to compile the content together, then organize it into themed sections and chapters that made it read as a coherent book.

I also came up with the concept to make the book more interactive by including study notes and pages where the reader can take notes and reflect on the content.

Print and Digital Book Publishing

I had never published a book before this project, so learning the process was a bit of a challenge. After plenty of research, I decided to use Amazon’s CreateSpace publishing tool to produce the printed version of the book. Doing this not only allowed the book to be printed affordably, but also made it possible to print on demand, which meant we never had to worry about excess inventory.

Print is far from being dead, but it was obvious that a collection of essays like this was meant to read on the go. For that reason, I created a digital version of the book as well to be compatible with devices like Kindle and iPad.

At the end of the day, both versions of Daily Acts were available for sale on Amazon, the Kindle Store, Apple’s iBookstore and Barnes and Nobles’ Nook store. Our audience could find the book virtually anywhere they already shopped for books online.

Marketing Plan

The final piece of the puzzle was getting the word out about the book. Foursquare already has a built in audience that receives regular communication, so I made sure to leverage that in a marketing plan.

At the same time, Foursquare runs like a very large, close family, so I wanted to make sure used that to promote the book. Rather than relying on a bunch of emails and ads, I developed a simple landing page for the book that did two things: point to where the book could be purchased and gave visitors a chance to sample the book. The sample proved to be a very effective way to give customers a taste of the book before they purchased and allowed us to collect contact information so we could follow up with them in future.

Daily Acts Book Landing Page