Mobile Application Wireframes

The Boost Mobile Wallet started with a set of simple wireframes to determine the basic functionality included in the app. We mapped out the different screen flows and use cases and then put them together to create the documentation that would be used for the final design and development.

Mobile Application Interface

The app is only compatible with Boost Mobile phones, so it was only logical that the interface and copywriting be strongly associated with the Boost brand. Boost’s branding is already very bold and matter-of-fact with a dose of innuendo, so we had a lot of fun making something that was both slick-looking but whimsical in tone at the same time,

Boost Mobile Wallet App Design

Website Development

I started the Boost Mobile Wallet website with a series of sketches and wireframes, then led a team of designers and developers to build it. The site consists of a public-facing website for marketing the Mobile Wallet application and an account center where customers can view their recent transactions and manage their information.

Boost Mobile Wallet Website